How to Convert Yourself Into a Morning Human

Do you currently feel your own lack of ability to get moving each morning is stopping you from achieving your purpose? Don’t be concerned. While you might under no circumstances genuinely be a morning individual who jumps out of bed the moment the sun comes up, there are modifications you could make that will enable you to get up as well as get moving along at a practical hour. The very first thing to try and do would be to modify the way you get to sleep. Consider going to bed earlier each night to determine if that will help you to get up feeling rejuvenated. You may also consider buying a fitness monitor to find out if you’re unquestionably sleeping at night. Some individuals turn and toss all night, hardly ever truly falling into a deep sleep, which is upsetting their ability to waken in the morning. Should you find you fit in this grouping, you’ll need to investigate the primary causes to allow you to obtain a good night’s rest. They are merely two of several actions you can take to reprogram the body to believe you happen to be morning individual, and you will find numerous others. If you’d like more information, click to read more through the imp source. You will discover a lot of material that will help you mornings as well as throughout your whole day, and you will feel much better as a result of these adjustments.

You’ll Find Resources That Will Help You Learn How to Take Care of Your Body

We all want to actually believe that they are appealing. Would you want to check out the hand mirror and consequently swiftly turn away because they do not love what you notice? Sad to say this happens to some ladies over time. They get so chaotic with their own life as well as taking good care of other folks that they ignore themselves. It is extremely simple to place yourself last, yet it’s something you should understand would have really uncomfortable side effects on those you do care for on a regular basis. If someone came to think about it – if you can’t care for on your own, who will be there to keep up the people you care about? It can be necessary that you find out how crucial that you are in addition to care for yourself keeping that in mind. A great starting place is through reading from a source like Miss Millenia Magazine.

There are numerous methods to take care of yourself. You can start with guidelines right from Miss Millenia’s guide to health and beauty. This approach is a wonderful resource for the purpose of letting you know how critical it can be to obtain ample rest, eat correctly, and to exercising. This article will help you discover why these things are really important to your well being. Individuals frequently advise to perform these types of things but certainly don’t usually explain exactly why. You may check it out at and then come away with a assortment of motives and concepts of precisely how to keep the body healthful, happy, as well as looking youthful.

Only a few people would like to feel they are what their age is as well as more aged. They want to seem youthful along with vibrant at all times. Although precious time cannot be turned back, you can find things you can do in taking care of your skin and face which could probably offer you a more youthful appearance. Most of these tips require you performing the absolute best you are able to for your body. It truly is imperative to receive adequate sleep to regenerate your system day-to-day. Exercising removes unhealthy toxins and will reduce that puffiness about the eyes. A great diet can enrich complexion, skin, as well as hair. Check out this important assets and consequently pay attention to the recommendations. It really is too late to end up being excellent to the body and start on a wholesome path. You will most likely feel considerably better and then look far better as well.

You Should Never Let Alcohol Ruin Your Life

Men and women who get never truly walked into a good AA getting together with might presume it’s the particular most demoralizing place about earth. Motion pictures tend in order to show the conferences while a area where busted people sit down slumped about coffee, speaking about their blunders. So in the event that you carry out end upward at any alcohol rehab conference, an individual might become surprised to be able to find oneself actually experiencing it. It may be common regarding a phone speaker to help to make everyone chuckle with a absurd aged drinking history or amusing observation.

Meetings are usually often entire of attractive people who have are make an effort to enjoying becoming present inside their very own lives as well as in typically the lives associated with others. And also, AA will be the center for numerous social outings. 1 of the particular biggest worries many regarding us possess about acquiring sober is usually that men and women won’t need to hang up out together with us ever again. Professionals from this site here discovered to affiliate socializing along with drinking. Nevertheless in fact, when our own drinking received to the worst, almost all of people were truly isolating a lot of the actual time. Many of us may get ditched several friends who else thought we all boozed way too much-or many of us may have got been cast off because involving your habits. Being sober offers anyone several possibilities to help to make new buddies.

Guidelines to Making the Most of Dental Advantages

Looking regarding dental insurance coverage quotes on the internet is sensible. The World wide web has quite a few websites devoted to supplying you together with multiple on-line quotes regarding dental insurance plan. Don’t only look from price whenever comparing rates; you additionally have for you to compare the particular features along with reputation regarding the insurance company. Just about any company an individual choose must be certified with your current state. An individual can examine for permits and problems with your current state insurance plan department. Full Article about dental plans may be discovered in this article.

Examine the particular network regarding dentists just before buying. Not necessarily all oral insurance ideas have substantial networks associated with dental attention providers. Prior to you signal up intended for a prepare, make certain there tend to be qualified cosmetic dentists in your own personal area. An individual should get several in order to choose coming from in circumstance you make a decision that an individual don’t just like a distinct dentist. Many plans may allow a person to surf their supplier directory previous to buying the insurance coverage. If a good insurer may not permit you to be able to do that will, take in which is some sort of red hole and get another insurance company. You ought to view it here. Acquire note associated with how cure is established. You no longer want in order to buy oral insurance through an insurance carrier that settings treatment choices. Some programs will need dentists in order to treat an individual in the particular least pricey way achievable even in the event that there is actually a a great deal better treatment accessible.

The Reason Why It’s So Essential For Someone To Care For Their Teeth

No one wants to have pungent breath or even yellowish teeth whenever they are talking or maybe smiling at someone. For this reason it’s extremely important for an individual to successfully focus on brushing and flossing their teeth routinely. Even so, bad breath isn’t really the only real challenge someone needs to manage assuming they practice terrible dental hygiene. Listed here are several things which a person might expect assuming they refuse to successfully clean and floss their very own teeth every day.

Dental plaque can be among the more more gentle implications of lousy dental habits. It truly is just a thin coating of film that blankets the surface of teeth in which may not be cleaned consistently. Having said that, this particular thin layer of off-white film can be a combination of a variety of very small microorganisms in which happen to be allowed to form. The good news is, an intensive session of brushing and flossing should be adequate to shed it. Discover More with regards to dental plaque in far more online articles or blog posts.

At times, even witnessing the actual accumulation of mouth plaque is not adequate to successfully persuade someone to successfully brush their own teeth more regularly. In the event that oral plaque is overlooked and able to rest on the particular surface of teeth, it stiffens and can become tartar. Compared with, the particular soft covering of dental plaque, tartar is without a doubt considerably more hard to get rid of. In many cases, simply no degree of brushing might clear away tartar. Having said that, a lot of dental practices possess special resources in which can be used to scratch away your tartar buildup. A person might click resources to be able to know a lot more concerning strategies to remove tartar.

Regrettably, dental plaque and tartar will not end up being the toughest of your issues if perhaps you don’t take care of your teeth. Not necessarily practicing good oral hygiene might cause someone to truly ignore a number of possible unsafe symptoms. For example, sores in the mouth may be a beginning manifestation of oral cancer. In case a lot of these lesions go on for several days, it might be a great idea to see a dentist.

Most of the previously mentioned situations could be avoided with suitable oral cleanliness and ordinary dental sessions. Continued learning about dental health is actually pretty important. Once again, dental plaque is undoubtedly simple to brush away but tartar is undoubtedly more challenging to eradicate. Going to a dental practice regularly, along with regular brushing and flossing, can easily help somebody avoid several extremely serious complications.

Easy weight loss tips

Simple steps to shed the pounds and feel healthier

If you want to feel better, healthier and slimmer, Personal Trainer and fitness motivator Jodie Bell of Healthy Habit Dorset ( has given us her top tips on how to drop pounds – without even thinking about it!

1. Walking

Walk a bit further. Park further away from the shop entrance in a car park. Get off the bus/train one stop earlier. Take the stairs! This will increase the number of calories you burn per day which over time will help you drop pounds

2.  Make sure you eat breakfast at the right time!

Eat Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. This gets your metabolism working which helps to burn those calories. Because your body’s metabolism rises when you eat. When you wake the energy dependency increases, if you do not eat within 30-60 minutes your body will go into fight mode and your resting basic metabolic rate is reduced. In addition to this you will be hungry all afternoon/evening.

3.  Use weights or body weight in your work out

Using weights means that even when you have finished your workout you continue to burn calories. You have used more muscle fibres and have taken part in a different discipline to non-resistance exercise – it all helps!

4. Eat CLEAN as often as you can – even when travelling

Take clean fresh food with you when you go to the airport or for travelling. Most travel food will have preservatives like salt and sugar in them. These will make you feel dehydrated, exhausted and groggy. The body’s response to white carbohydrates and any sugar can cause a spike in your glucose and in correlation your insulin levels. This increases the body’s stress hormone, cortisol which in turn reduces the body’s ability to burn fat.  Don’t allow yourself to get hungry because when you are hungry you’ll make bad food decisions – no excuses!

5. Eat more protein

Reduce your carbohydrates throughout the day. Carbohydrates are used for energy and Protein will increase your metabolic rate by at least 15% plus keep you full and help stabilise your blood sugar.

6. Get a DOG!

If you have the time and love to give, then get a dog! You must commit to at least 2 walks a day for 30-60 minutes, you will soon see your waistline reduce and mood enhance. This will help to teach you how to commit to other aspects of your life such as exercise and nutrition.

7. Ice Ice Baby!

Drink lots of ICE cold water, your body has to warm up the water to make it body temperature so this will in turn help you burn calories, it keeps you full and feeling mentally clear.

8. Keep good company

Socialise with fit, positive people. This is a ‘No Brainer’, emotional eaters need to keep their emotions in check and by engaging with positive vibes your attitude to food will change as will socialising in other ways. Skip the pub for a long walk in the evening, the coffee and cake for a sauna and swim, the bacon roll at work for an early morning fit camp.

9. 40 Winks

Get your 40 winks, ensure you have a bedtime routine and get at least 8 hours kip a night if possible. You will have a larger appetite if you are tired and your brain will want sugar and caffeine which will savage your healthy lifestyle.

10. Think before you drink!

Switch your evening tipple for a lower sugar option for the reasons above. More sugar will lead to blood glucose and insulin disturbances. This leads to hunger and with alcohol lower resistance (will power). If you must drink, make better choices and drink in moderation. Vodka and gin are less calorific than other alcoholic drinks.

A fitness ritual for fat loss

Follow this fitness ritual to shed those last few pounds

Ever wondered what the most successful people on the planet do every day to keep fit and healthy? If only you could find out, emulate it and become amazing, too. Guess what? You can!

We’ve tapped into eight of the greatest fitness minds to discover which daily rituals they complete without fail. And, after spending a fortnight doing 6am sun salutations and chowing down on beetroot crisps, we’ve learnt which tricks work best for optimal living – and they’re much more manageable than you might expect.

Ritual 1: 7 minutes of yoga

This is the ritual of health guru and Emmy Award winner Dr Mehmet Oz. That’s right, the doc’s secret lies in daily flexibility sessions. He swears by yoga to decrease inflammation, reduce blood pressure and boost weight loss. If a few downward facing dogs can do all that, we’re not complaining.

Yoga translates as ‘breath control’. Ushering in the day with full diaphragmatic breathing means you are much more likely to maintain it regularly, and deep inhalation is known to boost cognitive activity, too.

So which poses to do? We opted for early-morning warriors, sun salutations and pigeons. This seemed like enough to bend ourselves healthy – and we certainly felt ready to go for the day. Don’t have a second to spare in the morning? Panic not. Nightly downward dogs and cat-cows will ease even a severe case of the office aches.

Ritual 2: Micro workouts

This one comes from model Miranda Kerr, owner of one of the most photographed bodies in the world and spokeswoman of Reebok’s new Skyscrape Runaround Shoe. ‘Even when I’m at work, if I’m in between takes waiting for the photographer to set up the shot, I’ll be like, OK I’ll do a few squats… because every little bit helps,’ she says.

Exercising little and often is one of the most effective ways to build activity into your day – no more dashing to make the gym straight after work. And another benefit of mini workouts is they take you away from your desk (unless you fancy a few walking lunges through the office?). We found it helpful to get up every hour, stroll to the water fountain, stretch our backs out or nip to the loo for a few calf raises.

Ritual 3: 200 jumping jacks

As soon as the sun creeps out over the horizon, personal trainer Ben Greenfield, who’s been voted one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness, can be found bouncing up and down in his shed. The reason? He’s kick-starting his lymphatic system, of course. How does that work? Well, think of the lymphatic system like a bin man. It goes around collecting metabolic rubbish and toxins then takes them to the dump – quite literally, the loo. However, the problem with the lymphatic system is that it gets blocked fairly easily unless you partake in vigorous exercise. Ben discovered this simple way to get things moving without having to tackle hill sprints upon waking.

We found jumping jacks were a quick and easy approach. Another option is rebounding on a mini-trampoline – sure to get you going in the morning!

Ritual 4: Use a standing desk

‘I built my own standing desk two years ago and I love it because I never really feel sedentary. In fact, I find that I think better standing,’ reports Anna Sward, founder of Protein Pow and the world’s leading protein powder cooking expert.

What was once deemed highly eccentric has found a place in our modern health-conscious society. According to research, ditching the desk-bound monotony by standing while you work increases life expectancy, expends extra calories and boosts brain power.

We went down the DIY route, too, improvising with a stack of vintage Women’s Fitness editions under our computer. After two weeks we definitely felt less sedentary, but we also found that standing in one position all day hurts. The solution? As prolonged periods of anything have a negative effect, spicing up your desk activity will ultimately lead to the best results. So be inventive – stand on one leg or squat and hold, for example.

Ritual 5: Morning mindfulness

‘It sounds cheesy, but I take five minutes in the morning to think about what I’m grateful for, and what I’d like to get out of that day – it’s really important.’

These are the wise words of Katie Lowe, Fat Girl PHD (, one of the countries top wellness bloggers, with over a 250,000 clicks a year. We like to think of her ritual as ‘brain-ercise’. And the best part is it can be done anywhere – when brushing your teeth or walking to the train. So instead of stressing about your to-do list, consider the positives in your life instead.

Saying the same thing to yourself every day could become a snore-fest, though, so keep it interesting. Select a different area of life each time: whether it’s work, family or even how wonderful your exercise wardrobe is. Run through every item thinking about how much you like it and why.

And it’s not just the brain that benefits from this ritual. Research published in the Journal Of Health Psychology shows mindfulness decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, too. Who doesn’t want to be happier and less anxious?

Ritual 6: Take control of your email

An average office worker spends 28 per cent of their day emailing, according to research. What a waste! However, Tim Ferriss, multiple New York Times best-selling fitness author and tango dancing Guinness World Record holder has a clever fix: email auto responders. This system indicates that you check your inbox twice a day at specific times, letting customers, clients and colleagues know exactly when you will reply. Essentially, you are training others to communicate with you on /your/ terms.

With this protocol and a twice-daily 30-minute reply limit, we gave this a go. Believe us, your emails become the most efficient words ever typed – not to mention, they often get tidied up by others who are cc’d into the group before you get a chance to reply. Jackpot.

Ritual 7: Oil your feet

Dr Nick Delgado is a leading anti-ageing expert and prospective future world record holder for longevity. In pursuit of the record, Dr Nick goes to the extremes of hypoxic chambers and measuring brain waves. We’ll not do that just yet, but he does have one trick that we can replicate simply and without much expense: putting oil on the soles of your feet.

The reasoning behind this is that everything we put /on/ our skin is ingested and sucked straight /into/ the blood stream. Therefore it makes sense to put things onto our skin that we want inside our bodies. We chose coconut oil, partially to smell like tropical goddesses, partially because of the fat profile. Each spoonful contains EFAs required for essential body functions, in particular, lauric acid, which is found in breast milk, nature’s original superfood.

Ritual 8: Eat lots of veg

Our final ritual comes from Keris Marsden, nutritionist, health seminar host and co-presenter of Fitter London podcasts.

‘I aim to have around nine to 10 servings of vegetables across my day,’ she says. ‘My salads are epic, if I do say so myself! A salad should never just be a bowl of leaves. I top them with avocado, fresh herbs, nuts and seeds, olives, peppers, julienned vegetables, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. ’

Research indicates that the average person in the UK still only consumes four portions of fruit or veg a day. This means we are missing out on valuable phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation and protect cells against cancer.

So, like Keris, experiment a little to up your vegetable intake and keep mealtimes interesting. We tried different juices, soups, courgette noodles and vegetable crisps and increased our veggie intake easily /and/ without getting bored. Try it for yourself – your health and taste buds will thank you for it!

So there you have it: eight people, eight rituals – each of them completely manageable. So why not try a few rituals on for size? Leo Tolstoy once said, ‘True life is lived when tiny changes occur’, and we couldn’t agree more. Yes, these changes are small, but the potential impact on your life is enormous.

Best way to lose belly fat

Change your diet and stay on top of cardio to lose the stubborn pounds from around your stomach

‘If you have excessive fat around your belly, this suggests you have high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol,’ explains women’s BioSignature Modulation practitioner, Niki Rein. ‘Stress raises your blood pressure, while also increasing the flow of glucose into the blood stream. High cortisol levels caused by lack of sleep or work-related stress raise your insulin levels, and result in excess sugar being stored as fat.’

Change your diet:

The main culprit is sugar, in the form of alcohol and refined white high-GI grains (white baked products, pasta and flour), which rapidly raise blood glucose levels, believes Tomlinson. ‘Elevated levels of glucose in the blood, directly after eating high GI foods, triggers the release of insulin, which sweeps the excess glucose out of the bloodstream and stores it as fat. The best way to balance your blood glucose levels is to eat foods with a low glycaemic index (GI) that take time for the body to digest and therefore slow down the amount of glucose entering your bloodstream. You should also follow a Mediterranean diet, packed with vegetables and protein, which helps balance blood sugar levels. Half the battle of stomach fat spot reduction is won by keeping your blood sugar levels stable,’ Tomlinson says.

Rethink your exercise:

‘Your cortisol levels are highest at 8am, so work out in the morning while they are naturally elevated,’ suggests Rein. ‘You should also keep cardio sessions under 40 minutes, to prevent putting your body under further stress. Try short and sharp interval sessions, to help tap into those fat stores while preserving lean muscle tissue. Aim for 10 sets of 30-second sprints followed by 90 seconds’ rest.’

What supplements do I need?

Drink plenty of water with a fibre, such as Solgar’s Psyllium Husk Fibre, £12.73 ( to increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar, as well as liquorice root.

Try Good N Natural Liquorice Root, £7.65 ( and Holy Basil, £14.95 from Pukka Herbs ( to lower stress levels. Vitamin D3, try Holland & Barrett £7.65 for 100 caplets (hollandand, also helps lower blood sugar.

Don’t forget your weekly rest day!

Rest is important for reducing fat around your stomach. The stress hormone cortisol, responsible for fat storage around your middle, falls the more you rest and sleep, so rotate your workouts and, once a month, add in a fun or soothing workout, such as yoga.

Win the Weight Loss War and Beat Cellulite!


Tweak your diet to reduce cellulite and melt away those last pounds

Eating right and exercising regularly is a sure-fire way to lose weight, but when the scales suddenly stop budging for no apparent reason, it can be as frustrating as it is de-motivating. To help stay committed to your goals, you’ll need to find out exactly what’s standing in between you and your dream body. Below we’ve listed the common diet blunders that could be stalling your slimming efforts and some smart ways to get back on track – and stay there!

1 Your diet lacks protein

Upping your protein is the first rule of successful slimming. The amino acids that make up protein all have a specific role in helping to supercharge weight loss and keep you feeling satiated. ‘These amino acids are needed to keep your metabolism up, to boost your energy levels and to produce the happy hormone that can stop you craving comfort foods,’ explains nutritionist Cassandra Burns ( The richest sources of protein are lean meat, fish and eggs, followed by cheese and yoghurt. ‘You can also include plant foods, nuts and seeds, beans, chickpeas and lentils in your diet. They are high in vitamins and minerals, but bear in mind they do contain less protein than animal foods,’ says Cassandra.

2 You’re not imaginative

Achieving a healthy, happy weight for the future is all about experimenting with good food so that your taste buds don’t get bored. So get creative! How about making your own vegetable crisps? Toss some carrot ribbons and kale in coconut oil and bake them in the oven – et voilà! Or what about some healthy sweet treats like quinoa crispy cupcakes when you’re lusting after chocolate? This healthy take on traditional rice crispy cakes can be whipped up in seconds. All you need is puffed quinoa, melted raw chocolate, a drizzle of honey and a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients and divide into cupcake cases, placing in the fridge until set. The options for healthy recipes made from minimal ingredients are endless!

3 You miss meals

Eat up and you’re more likely to shed the excess pounds. A 2013 study published in the /International Journal of Obesity/ found that following a pattern of regular eating helps to maintain a healthy BMI. ‘Try to eat three meals and two healthy snacks a day. You will not only eat less at mealtimes, but also speed up your metabolism. Go for tasty and nutritional options – for example, nuts, oatcakes with guacamole or carrots with houmous,’ advises Cassandra.

4 You drink too much coffee

Good-quality coffee is a source of disease-fighting antioxidants, but too much of a good thing can be a real diet wrecker. Caffeine creates a rollercoaster of blood sugar highs and lows, aggravating sweet cravings for a quick energy lift. So instead of your usual morning cappuccino, opt for a cup of green tea. While the average coffee clocks up 150mg of caffeine, green tea contains around 25mg and still provides an fast energy jump-start. ‘Green tea is also packed with antioxidants, which are great for your skin and also increase your metabolism and fat burning,’ says nutritionist Cassandra.


5 You’re a salad fiend

Nibbling on a salad for lunch is a great way to work towards your five-a-day goal, but if you’re eating those lettuce leaves to scale back on calories, you could actually be counteracting your weight-loss goals. If you don’t provide your body with adequate calories, it will automatically think it’s in starvation mode, which will make your metabolism slow down in order to help your body hold onto fat. So don’t be too strict with your diet  – make sure your meals and snacks add up to around 1,200 calories a day. This will keep your body’s fat-burning furnace firing on all cylinders. Bear in mind you don’t have to be good all the time, too! Allow yourself one splurge a week. Tucking into a cheat meal will actually help to speed up your metabolism and give you the motivation to stick to your healthy diet the rest of the time.

6 You’re a night owl

If you don’t snooze, you’ll definitely lose in the weight loss game. The University of Chicago’s Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center found that when we don’t get enough sleep we consume around 300 extra calories compared with when we do. We are also way more likely to make poor food choices and give into food cravings. Aim to get around eight hours of rest daily, going to bed and rising at the same time every day to help regulate your body clock and keep the scales steady.

7 You don’t drink enough

While coffee, cola, wine and fruit juice are all out if you’re looking to dramatically up the weight-loss stakes, water, vegetable juice and herbal teas should form a key part of your diet. Water helps to nourish your cells so they function efficiently – and if you pop a few ice cubes in a glass of water it’ll help speed up your metabolic rate, too. Cool water encourages your body to burn extra calories as it warms it up to body temperature. Vegetable juices are also a great way to fill up on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods and work towards your five-a-day, while herbal teas like liquorice and chamomile and honey can really help to curb a sweet tooth. Boost your daily water intake wherever you are with Contigo’s Grace Autoseal Water Bottle, £17.94,

8 You’re scared of the F word

If you’re trying to lose fat, believe it or not, you’ll need to /eat/ fat. Good fats, such as omega-3, actually help your body to burn fat. ‘Omega-3 helps your body respond better to a hormone called leptin. Leptin tells your brain to suppress your appetite, as well as increases your metabolism. This hormone also causes your body to burn fat for energy; however, if your body isn’t responding to leptin correctly then the reverse happens – you’ll be hungrier and you’ll store more fat,’ explains Cassandra. Omega-3 will give your metabolism a boost when you feel like you’ve stopped losing weight. Oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, is an excellent source of omega-3, but if you’re not a fan of fish, include a supplement in your diet instead. Try Omega 3 by Quest Vitamins, £5.99,

9 You’re eating too many carbs

Complex carbs are an important part of a balanced diet, but piling your plate with brown rice, wholemeal pasta and wholegrain bread is an undoubtable formula for weight gain. Make sure that healthy carbs form no more than a quarter of your meal and cut your consumption down with a few simple swaps. Trade in plain flour for ground almonds in baked goods, load up on leafy greens instead of overdoing it on the brown rice and substitute sandwiches for little gem lettuce hearts stuffed with your favourite healthy sandwich filling.

10 You go back to your old ways

It sounds simple, but if you want to keep the weight off, you’ll need to change your lifestyle for good. If you go back to your old eating habits, weight gain is inevitable. Following a balanced diet with an occasional treat will help you to reach your goals faster.

Core workout routine

Become you own personal trainer and tone your abs to perfection with these easy core workouts

Wouldn’t it be terrific to peel off your kaftan this summer and feel more confident about your abs than ever before? The good news is, you can; we’ve got all the moves you need to tone your abs to perfection.

Bloated tummy

Gassy, bloated tummies don’t only look unattractive, they’re also uncomfortable and a sign that your digestion isn’t happy. ‘Focus on having your meals at the same time every day, and avoid carbs or fruit after a meal,’ suggests Winhoffer. ‘Eating fruits after a meal causes the food to ferment, which then causes bloating and gas. Making your meals consistent also allows your stomach to become accustomed to what it has to break down on a daily basis.’

Beat the bloat with… crunches

Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Think of creating a concave stomach by pulling you belly button in towards your spine and then curl your truck up, keeping your head and neck tall and in line with your body. Keep pulling your navel in towards your spine during the whole movement. ‘You don’t want protruding abs,’ says Winhoffer.

How many? Three sets of 25 reps.

Fat around the belly button

‘Belly fat is often a result of stress,’ says Lee. ‘Cortisol, the hormone released in response to stress, encourages the body to release sugar into the bloodstream to fuel the “fight or flight” response. If you use this energy to get away from a physical danger, there’s little chance of the sugar being stored as fat, but if it’s released repeatedly through stress, it’ll be stored as fat, especially around your middle.’

Relieve stress and tone up with… the downward dog to plank sequence

Start on all fours, with your wrists slightly in front of your shoulders. Separate your knees to hip-width apart and curl your toes under. Exhale, then lift your knees off the floor, reach your sit bones toward the ceiling, and straighten your legs in a downward dog position, pushing through your heels. Hold for five slow breaths. Inhale, then shift your weight forward into plank, with your core strong. Hold, then exhale and push into a downward dog. ‘This move is good for strengthening your core and elongating your hamstrings and back,’ says Lee. ‘It will also have a calming effect, helping to lower your cortisol levels and boost your circulation.’

How many? Five rounds, holding each pose for around five breaths each but rest if you need to.

Love handles

If you love wearing jeans, but hate the bulges at your waistline, cut out sugar, saturated fat and white flour, says Winhoffer. ‘They metabolise quickly and cause soaring sugar levels, which result in fatigue and excess sugars being stored as fat. Base your diet on lean proteins such as chicken and fish, and plenty of vegetables. Chromium picolinate is my favourite supplement because it ups your metabolism and helps to stabilise blood sugar. Take 300mg a day.’ (£17;

Target love handles with… a one-legged plank hydrant

Get into the plank with your hands on the floor. Pull one of your knees close to your chest then, without touching the floor, push your leg back out and up so it’s behind you at a 45o angle. Hold for two seconds, then bring the leg back into your chest. ‘This move targets your lower abs, love handles, inner thighs and bum,’ says Winhoffer.